Complete the following steps to connect your Mac to our printer.

  1. Navigate to the following link:
  2. Hit the Drivers and Downloads tab.
  3. The website should automatically detect your PC version but double check that it’s correct.
  4. Under Recommended Drivers, you should see an exe with the name: Generic_Plus_UFRII_v2.20_Set-up_x64.exe
  5. Hit Select on the far right. Hit Download. This will download the file in zipped format.
  6. Once the download has completed, double click the link.
  7. Depending on the browser that you’re using, you may get a prompt to save the file.
  8. It will ask you to extract it. Once extraction is complete, find the folder in your downloads named Generic_Plus_UFRII_v2.20_Set-upx64.
  9. Double click that folder to open and then double click the Setup.exe inside that folder to run the installer.
  10. Hit Yes on the UAC pop-up.
  11. Leave the language on default. Hit Next.
  12. Agree to the software license.
  13. On the firewall warning pop-up, hit Yes.
  14. Under Printer Setup, leave it on default at Standard. Hit Next.
  15. On the next page, make sure that you select Canon Driver Information Assist Service.
  16. Another pop-up window will ask you about changing a firewall rule to allow the traffic. Hit Yes.
  17. The next page is where you’ll select the shared printer. Let the search complete and select Shared Canon.
  18. Hit Next then Start to install the driver. This process could take a while depending on your PC.
  19. Once the install has completed, you’ll have to restart your PC.
  20. After the restart completes, when you print, a popup will prompt you to enter the Dept ID and PIN. Enter your universal code and leave the PIN blank.

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