Complete the following steps to connect your Mac to our printer.

  1. Navigate to the following link:
  2. Hit the Drivers and Downloads tab.
  3. The website should automatically detect your Operating System, but double check that it’s correct.
  4. Under Recommended Drivers, you should see a file named
  5. Hit Select on the far right. Hit Download. This will download the file in zipped format.
  6. Once the download has completed, double click the link.
  7. Once the file is unzipped, double click the file named UFRII_v10.19.2_Mac.dmg.
  8. Double click the installer package named UFRII_LT_LIPS_LX_Installer.pkg.
  9. Hit Continue to begin installation.
  10. Hit Continue to agree to the license. Hit Agree on the popup.
  11. Select Install. Enter computer credentials to install, if needed.
  12. Open your System Preferences and navigate to Printers & Scanners.
  13. Select the + in the bottom left hand corner to add another printer.
  14. Select the IP tab and enter in the Address field.
  15. In the Protocol dropdown menu, select Line Printer Daemon – LPD.
  16. In the Use dropdown menu, select Select Software…
  17. In the Printer Software popup, Select Canon iR-ADV C5535/5540 III.
  18. Once the computer finds the printer, hit Add.
  19. With the new printer selected from the printer menu, select Options & Supplies.
  20. Select the Utility tab and Open Printer Utility.
  21. In the Authentication Function tab, select Department ID Management from the User Management drop-down menu.
  22. In the Department ID field, enter your door code. Leave the PIN field blank.
  23. Ensure the Confirm ID/PIN When Printing box is unchecked.
  24. Save Settings. Reboot system to finalize printer configuration.

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