Studio at Fountains, Suite 3A, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. Your mailing address will include Suite 3A-youroffice#.

For Suite and Studio users, your mailbox key will be distributed when you move into your office.  For mail that is too large to fit in your box, the postman will put a key to the parcel box in your mailbox. After unlocking the parcel box, the key will remain in the lock until the post office picks it back up.  Mail normally runs around 10:30 am. Mailboxes are located in the East vestibule on the ground floor. Additional mailbox keys are available for a fee.

In the copy area, we do have some complementary office supplies for your incidental use.

Command strips are available in the copy area free of charge. No tape, screws or nails are permitted.

Please use the main parking lot on the East side of the building.

We are pleased to offer complementary coffee service to all tenants. The coffee station is located on the countertop around the corner from the conference rooms. For the specialty drinks, visit Just Love Coffee downstairs or order online for free delivery. Mention that you are a Studio member to receive a 10% discount.

a.  Tenants’ are responsible for disposal of their office trash. Bagged trash can be put in the trash can inside the stairwell. The stairwell doors do lock, so either keep the door propped while disposing of trash or make sure to have your key card on hand.
b.  Rolls of trash liners are in the cabinet by the stairwell. Cleaning supplies for cleaning desks or glass are also in this cabinet.
c.  Next to this cabinet is a package unpacking station with a trash can for packing materials and a bin for broken-down boxes which we recycle.
d.  A hand vacuum is located next to the cabinet near the stairwell. Feel free to use when needed.

a.  Huddle pods are available on a first come – first serve basis. Feel free to use these units for lunch or to meet with clients or guests. Please be sure to wipe down the table and leave it in the same condition as when you found it.
b.  Phone Booths are also available on a first come – first serve basis. If you are prone to talking loudly on the phone, feel free to use the phone booths. Just remember that phone booths aren’t to be used as a second office, so please be considerate of others and limit time in there to phone calls that require more privacy than your normal office provides.

The simplest and preferred method of payment would be through ACH. This can be set up in your Nexudus portal by navigating to the Billing Tab and accepting the terms and conditions for Stripe ACH. You will need to confirm 2 amounts that will be deposited into your account. Once this step is completed, your rent payment will automatically be withdrawn on the day of the month that your Studio term began. For example, if you moved in on the June 8th, your payment will be pulled on the 8th of every month.Credit cards can be used as well, however, a 3% fee will be applied. Your credit / debit card information can be input into the Nexudus portal billing tab. We can enable automatic payments for your card to be charged monthly.

a.  Common Area Security: The office building hours are from 7 am – 7 pm. If you need access to your office outside of business hours, you will need to use your key card / fob to enter the building’s main lobby as well as to gain access to the 3rd floor.
b.  Private Office Security: Each office has been assigned a code. This will be your personal code to access your private office. You will also use this code when printing to the shared printer. If you would like to change your initial code, let us know and we can make that happen for you.

a.  Sound Abatement: We have white noise playing throughout the space to combat noise pollution from other offices and common areas. We have also installed baffles between the offices to assist in sound absorption.
b.  Microwave: we have a microwave downstairs in the Soda Bar that is available for your use from 9am-9pm.
c.  Additional Furniture: We have filing cabinets available that can be rented for an additional $10 per month. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sherri at sherri@hearthstone.net


Nexudus is our software program that you can use to book conference rooms, make payments, and communicate with other Studio members. If you have not received instructions on how to access the program, please send an email to sherri@hearthstone.net and we will grant you portal access. Feel free to fill out as much information in the portal as you feel comfortable with.

In the upper right corner of your customer portal, there is a BLOG section. Here you will find printer installation instructions as well as conference room and copy center pricing. Keep an eye out for any updates as this will be the main form of communicating pertinent information to all users.

Navigate to the Bookings tab and select “Find a Room” to reserve a conference room. Members do receive a discounted rate to utilize these rooms. Member with booking credits will also be able to use these credits to reserve rooms. Once you save the booking, the payment method on file will be charged if there are no credits remaining on your account.

The Podcast Studio is designed to allow users to create a podcast or a video without needing any technical skills. You will simply take a jump drive and plug it into the control panel, follow posted steps, and walk out with your professionally recorded file on your jump drive. It will also be optimized for you to join a Zoom meeting, make a live TV interview, or post streaming content online. The Podcast Studio can be rented through the Nexudus portal. Members will receive the discounted rate of $60 per hour.

The shared Canon printer can be found in the kitchen area and the instructions for installing the driver is in the Blog section of Nexudus.

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